St. David's, 27.07-3.08.2008

Grupul A.C.T.O.R a facut furori in St.David’s,



Pe langa faptul ca am reusit sa atragem atentia cu veselia si spontaneitatea noastra specifica romanilor, dar nu in ultimul rand specifica A.C.T.O.R., am reusit sa interactionam cu peste 45 de persoane de nationalitate lituaniana, portugheza, welsa si estoniana in cel mai placut mod posibil: la workshopurile de stage-fighting, mask, forum-teatru si media, chiar si la masa sau in timpul liber, unde am reusit sa ne dezvoltam si mai mult capacitatile noastre creative, am inceput sa privim lucrurile cu mai multa deschidere.
Am creat o atmosfera de divertisment si buna organizare pe care toata lumea nu o va uita, mai ales ca ne-am integrat intr-o “familie”multiculturala.
Familia St.David’s.

A.C.T.O.R.’s group made sensation in St. David’s,



Besides the fact that we managed to draw attention upon us with our joy and spontaneity which are specific to Romanians and to A.C.T.O.R., we managed to communicate with 45 persons of different nationalities: Lithuanian, Portuguese, Welsh and Estonian in the best way possible: at the stage-fighting, mask, forum theatre and media workshops.
After this, our creative capacity was increased and we started being more open minded.
We created a joyful but still well organized atmosphere that everyone will remember, especially since we joined a multicultural ‘family’.

David’s family.
Reazultatele noastre dupa workshopul de masca: 
These are our results after the mask workshop: 
  Monica Teodorescu- the coordinator of the YOURCE blog:

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