Art for Disable is Real

Un proiect care s-a desfasurat in urma cu ceva timp, insa este important de mentionat deoarece si-a lasat amprenta puternic asupra tinerilor care au participat. 
Acesta a fost realizat in parteneriat cu DGASPC  Bucuresti sectorul 1(Directia Generala de Asistenta Sociala si Protectia Copilului) si, in perioada 1-8 martie 2008 a dat ocazia unui grup de 4 tineri cu nevoi speciale sa descopere cum traiesc si cum se descurca in viata cei cu probleme asemanatoare lor, dar care locuiesc in alte tari.
Cei patru au fost insotiti de 2 leaderi in calatoria lor la Bruxelles, caci acolo s-a desfasurat proiectul, unul dintre acestia fiind Elena Adam, despre care ati mai putut citi intr-un post anterior.
Masa romaneasca la seara interculturala…mmm, bun!/ Romania’s table at the intercultural evening….yummy!
This project happened a few months ago, but it is important to mention it because it had a strong effect in the lives of the participants.

It was realized in partnership with the General Direction for Social and Child Protection and,
during the 1st-8th of march 2008, it offered 4 young people with special needs the opportunity to discover how their peers from other countries manage with life.
The 4 participants were accompanied by 2 leaders in their journey to Bruxelles, where the project took place, one of them being Elena Adam, about whom you can read in a previous post. 
                                                Cristina Curde, .A.C.T.O.R. PR Officer

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