Seminarul Towards the Ideal Civilization, Italia

Intre 13-17 mai 2008, Stefan Tatu si Codrin Iftodi au participat, in Italia (Urbino), la seminarul TIC, adica Towards the Ideal Civilization.
 La seminar au mai participat asociatii din Italia, Spania,


si au fost abordate teme ca implicarea tinerilor in societate si in politica. Rezolvarea intrebarilor puse in cadrul TIC s-a facut prin prin jocuri cum ar fi OST, Open Space Technology., adica formarea unor grupuri de interes si discutarea unei anumite probleme. La sfarsit, rezultatul fiecarui grup a fost publicat intr-o carticica de documentare a seminarului.

In plus, s-au stabilit deja ideile de baza pentru un viitor youth exchange cu numele de Youth Empowerment, care va avea loc probabil la inceputul anului viitor!

Proiectul a fost foarte reusit, atat in privinta desfasurarii generale, cat si a atingerii scopului, asa cum au afirmat toti participantii, iar Italia a fost minunata ca intotdeauna!
Stefan Tatu and Codrin Iftodi’s went to to


(Urbino), to the TIC (Towards the Ideal Civilization) seminar, 13-17th of May.

The seminar had participants from








talking about themes like the involvement of the youth in politics and society.  The answers to the questions raised were found through games like OST (Open Space Technology), meaning that there were formed different groups of interest, each talking about a problem.

At the end of the project, the result of each group was published in a documentary book of the seminar!
Besides that, we generally discussed the theme of a new youth exchange for the next year and established its name. So probably at the next year’s beginning there will be a project called Youth Empowerment.
The project was very successful as it took its course and also at the end when we all agreed that it achieved all its purposes.  And of course,


was as lovely as always!

                                  Cristina Curde, A.C.T.O.R. PR Officer

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