Acest training a fost fantastic!
El a avut loc în Danemarca, in oraselul
Vordenborg in perioada 04-09.08.2008 şi a fost foarte bine organizat de  ARTTRAIN prin reteaua „Drums for Peace”. Principala temă a seminarului a fost "RITMUL".
Iniţiativele de acest fel au o mulţime de efecte bune, in  viata fiecarui participant.  Am invatat cum sa cantam la  djembe şi am participat la seminarii de psihologie, terapie muzica, invatatnd foarte multe lucruri din culturile celorlalti participanti. Am invatat, am descoperit si am avut ceva timp să ne gândim  la un subiect, “ritmul”, care altfel ar fi rămas necunoscut s-au poate nu asa de evident.
Si desigur, ne-am bucurat de toate lucrurile cate tin de calatorii, cum ar fi cunosterea unor locuri noi, ca cel unde a avut loc proiectul si, cel mai important cunoasterea unor persoane noi. Am avut o multime de astfel de intalniri interculturale unde ne-am impartasit si am comparat diferite puncte de vedere. Este foarte foolsitor sa stii diferentele dintre cultura ta si altele, iar cel mai interesant este sa le obsevi direct de la oamenii care locuiesc acolo .
Mai mult, cred ca acest seminar a ajutat la stabilirea identitatii si la indegrarea  Romaniei in comunitatea Uniunii Europene.
O concluzie a seminarului ar fi ca ritmul nu este tine doar de sfera muzicala, ci poate fi vazut si ca o matematica a evenimentelor, fascinanta structura a fiecarei persoane, natura insasi care face timpul sa para un instrument efemer.
Acum stim ca Ritmul nu trebuie sa fie gasit, noi suntem deja o parte din el, iar atunci cand acesta este dezordonat, este numai pentru ca nu stim sa-l folosim. (Matteo Tommaso)
 Ce este ritmul?
 Ritmul, este viata;
 Ritmul, aduce oamenii impreuna; Nu putem construi o echipa daca nu exista ritm;
 Ritmul, este ceva ce nu putem vedea/atinge dar il putem simti;
 Ne nastem cu ritmul si el este cu noi toata viata;
 Ritmul, este felul in care comunicam;
 Ritmul, este trecutul si viitorul nostru.;
 Ritmul, ne-a adunat pe toti la acest seminar.
                                                Elena Adam(autor al textului) si Cristina Negut                

 This training has been fantastic!
It took place in


and it was very well organized by an association linked to the „Drums for Peace” network. The main theme we discussed, practiced and experienced was „rhythm”. Initiatives like this have lots of good effects on one’s life: I can say that thanks to this seminar I improved practical skills and theoretical knowledge. I learned how to play djembe and I attended seminars of psychology, music therapy and mindfulness. I learned, discovered and had some time to think about a specific subject, like the rhythm, which otherwise would have remained unknown. And of course all the good things and improvements about traveling and spending time abroad, getting to know another place, where the project takes place. Meeting people from other countries had also its benefits: I had a lot of intercultural meetings sharing different points of view and comparing it. It helped me being aware about the situations in other countries, knowing it directly from the people who live there.

Moreover, I think this seminar has been useful for Romanian identity inside the European Union. It gave the possibility to show and tell what is the Romanian culture, point of view and actual situation to other countries represented by the people who participate in the exchange, and I think that that helps integrating more


in the European community, since it’s quite a new member in it.

In conclusion, I would report a kind of summary of what we found out in this seminar: rhythm is not just the ether that permits to sounds to communicate the music from inside to outside each person, it’s also the fabulous mathematic of the events, the fascinating structure of every living creature, the nature herself that makes time look like an ephemeral instrument.
Now I know that rhythm doesn’t have to be found, we are already part of it, and when it seems disordered it’s only because we started to play with it. (Matteo de Tommaso)

What is rhythm?

 Rhythm is life.
 Rhythm brings people together. We can’t buld a team if there is no rhythm.
 Rhythm is something we can’t see/ touch, but we can feel it.
 We are borne with Rhythm and  we will have it all our lives.
 The Rhythm is the way we communicate .
 The Rhythm is our past and future.
 The Rhythm brought us all to this seminar.
                                          By Elena Adam and the A.C.T.O.R.s  who participated


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