Fun is outside, Portugalia

Goga Mihaela si Nicola Madalina au participat la  trainingul “Fun is outside”  din Portugalia, training nu tocmai reusit din punct de vedere professional dar salvat de calduroasa Portugalie vesnic primitoare, misterioasa…..ce sa mai FASCINANTA!
Tema proiectului a fost lucrul cu persoane cu dizabilitati iar impreuna cu participanti din Cehia, Estonia,Grecia,Letonia,Spania,Suedia si Turcia s-a incercat gasirea unor noi metode de lucru.

Reprezentantele A.C.T.O.R si


s-au descurcat de minune J  



Goga Mihaela and Nicola Madalina have participated to “Fun is outside” training hosted by

Portugal. A not so successful training concerning the professionalism but saved by worm, mysterious……..FASCINATING


The theme of the project was working with disables and together with participants from





Sweden, and

Turkey they tried finding new efficient working methods. 

Representing  A.C.T.O.R and Romania  Mada and Goga did as usual a great job J


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