Forum Teatru 2

In perioada 16.06- 22.06.2008, friguroasa dar atat de primitoare Estonie a gazduit cel de-al doilea modul al trainingului de forum teatru “Forum Theatre 2”. Impreuna tineri actori si amatori din Estonia, Tara Galilor, Danemarca, Portugalia, Slovenia, Lituania si Romania au reusit sa inteleaga si sa parcurga intreg procesul forum teatru intervenind ca si spectator in piesa de teatru si luand atitudine pentru a schimba in bine situatia sociala prezentata.
Finalitatea acestui training l-a reprezentat chiar increderea cu care participantii au devenit ei insisi jokeri intr-o sesiune de forum teatru; urmand sa foloseasca forum teatru ca si instrument in lucrul cu tinerii, odata intorsi in comunitatea din care proveneau.
O saptamana plina de umor, povesti impartasite, prietenii, spirit intercultural si o gazda excelenta- Irene, cea care ne-a intrat in suflet si pentru care participantii au scris un poem, toate acestea intr-un cadru de poveste:Marja Talu

O poza cu cativa dintre participanti. A picture with some of the participants:

The cold but hospitable


hosted, during the 16th  and 22nd of june 2008, the second part of the forum theatre training “Forum Theatre 2”. Together, young actors and amateurs from














, went over the forum theatre processes, and stepped into the forum theatre plays, taking attitude to change the exposed situation in good.

The result of this training was the confidence that the participants gained, which was showed when they became jokers in a forum theatre session, following to use forum theatre as a communication instrument with the young people from the community they came from.
A week full of humor, stories, friendships, interculturality, and a wonderful host- Irene, who was so loved by everyone that they wrote a poem for her, in a fairy tale frame, Marja Talu, Estonia:

“The nature is in love with Marja Talu , Irene is kindness in the body of
a woman, the sun envies her eyes because of their shyness, her soul for
its warmness. Maybe because of that, during the whole summer the sun
stubbornly doesn’t go out of that estonian paradise, and maybe because
of that, during winter the sun barely appears on that land of magical
and lovable beings.
The truth is that Irene is always there: she cooks, cleans, loves and
takes care of Marja Talu and of those who are lodged there.
Irene is part of Marja Talu, and though this nature doesn’t belong to
her, she belongs to Marja Talu. Naturally.
One day, a group of friends arrived to her paradise.
Irene’s eyes glowed on seeing the friends happy, full of love, singing
and laughing.
As always, Irene took care of them, of the house, of nature, prepared
those meals, with that love she has to give to the world. She wanted to
please them. Despite this dedication, she could never speak to them,
they were too occupied in their games and their language was very
strange. Anyway, she felt the friends loved her through her foods, the
crossing of the eyes, the little gifts they gave to her. Irene loved
them too.
When they got back, the friends cried, Irene too.
After the tears, Irene stayed on her paradise. She belongs to it.
After the tears, Marja Talu changed, now friends also belong to it.” 
 And this is our group:


                             Nicoleta Vica, Marco Minitti, Karine Crochtet, Dana Borontis

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