Cultural Caravan 9-21.07.08 Prespa Greece

 Insorita Grecie indeamna la plaja si la relaxare, la turism si la filosofare, sa nu uitam casa lui Platon si a lui Aristotel intotdeauna poate fi caracterizata ca un taram al libertatii democratiei si politicului, la distractie si bunavoie. Insa tinerii A.C.T.O.R. nu s-au gandit la toate astea caci aici, impreuna cu organizatii din Grecia, Suedia, Polonia, Portugalia, Turcia ei au avut de pregatit un spectacol si de jucat acest spectacol de 4 ori pentru 4 sate izolate din punct de vedere cultural, din judetul Prespa, Grecia. Foc, jonglerie, baloane, teatru de papusi, origami, papainoage, dans, clovnerie, creativitate, originalitate, spirit de echipa, toate aceste lucruri au fost combinate la un loc pentru realizarea obiectivului: teatru de strada pentru babutele si mosuletii, adultii si adultele, tinereii si tinericile din satele mai sus amintite. Spectacolele au fost un succes si au fost primite de public in mod sincer cu bucurie, echipa, desi iata mixta, a fost coeziva si schimbul realizat prin programul Youth in Action a reusit sa isi atinga obiectivele interculturale si de scoatere a satenilor din monotonie. O experienta unica intr-o zona a greciei in care „vlaha” cum o numeau ei, sau romana, cum o numim noi era o limba daca nu vorbita macar vag cunoscuta de toti satenii fugiti din


sau izolati in Grecia de cel de-al Doilea Razboi Mondial. Venim de acolo cu bateriile incarcate de bucuria satenilor si copiilor si cu noi cunostinte interculturale dobandite de la noile noastre contacte Europene. A fost un proiect care a imbogatit pe deplin abilitatile si capacitatile noastre creative. 

Sunny Greece is well known for its beaches, for relaxing, for tourism and philosophy, let us not forget it is after all the land of Plato and Aristotle, the land of democracy and politics, it is a space of good fun and happiness. Still, the young volunteers of A.C.T.O.R. did not have time for all of this due to the fact that here, in




, they had to prepare 4 shows, for 4 culturally isolated villages, with the help of friends from Greek, Swedish, polish,


and Turkish youth organizations. Fire, joggling, balloons, puppets, origami, stilts, dancing, clowns, creativity, originality and good old team spirit, all of these elements were combined in order to achieve a common goal: street theater for the old women and old men, for the adults and the children living in the 4 villages that i have mentioned earlier. The shows where a complete success and where well received by the public, with joyfulness and sincerity, the team, although formed by many nationalities was cohesive, and this exchange, organized through youth in action program, overall managed to achieve its intercultural goals and the goal of breaking the monotony for the people of Prespa. It has been an unique experience in an area of


where people oftener spoke Vlaha, or Romanian as we call it, people that where isolated here during the Second World War. We returned to the country with all our batteries loaded with the happiness of the locals and with the joy of the local children, with new intercultural knowledge and with far more contact all around
. It has been a project that inspired us and that enhanced our creative capacities. 



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