expozitia pictoritei Ioanei Bohalteau la RICHTER WERKATELIER – OLANDA ianuarie 2008


My works are the result of a need to tell the others what I see. 
 I like to tell stories about feelings using objects; this is the reason for what I choose to make series. To show the different possibilities of contexts in which the objects, like characters, can act. For me the light is very important, because is the source of live and can influence everything. My favorite materials are oil and canvas. I love the variety of tones and the ability to reproduce the materiality of the surface. It is also very warm and precious. 
      Until now I had two projects. One was the result of the four years of study in University (about pillows) and the other one during two years of master (about hands). 
 Both parts have like an important theme the contemplation, the understanding of the simple objects. 
      The first one speaks about the relations between the soft and personalized objects. The way of placing the shapes in frame and the details are very important. 
      The second project is like a ‘zoom in’ which has his groundwork in digital imagines and photography. My purpose was to resize and to isolate the shapes and to compress the space. 
 The preference for hands and gloves comes from the importance of them in communication. The hands travel around us on our long journey through life and come just after the eyes in our relation with people. The postures of the hands are endless and we can judge them regarding the cultural place in which they have been consumed. 
 The gloves play the roles of mediators between hands and other hands. If the glove is separated from the hand it remains like a testimony of the one to whom she served.
 Cum am ajuns sa fac expozitie personala in Olanda?  

datorita faptului ca Eugenia BARBU a intalnit intr-un proiect in Estonia pe Peter, care a zis ca are o galerie si promoveaza tinere talente…in special din estul Europei. Si ea a povestit despre mine si am intrat in contact cu Huub, cel care se ocupa de galerie.I-am trimis niste fotografii cu lucrari si am primit acceptul. Apoi m-am uitat pe harta, sa vad unde e acest

Den Helder

. Si am descoperit ca e cam departe, tocmai in nordul cel mai nord al Olandei, chiar la malul marii Nordului.  Apoi a urmat imbarcarea lucrarilor si drumul alaturi de parinti.  Am avut apoi prilejul sa locuiesc o saptamana la etajul galeriei, altaturi de 3 voluntari din
, Grecia si Spania. Am pictat, mancat, vizitat, vandut, cugetat, fotografiat… impresionant amestec de stari!

mai multe despre Ioana gasiti la:


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