IDEAL EVS- Antalia- Turcia- 20th-27th October

 In incercarea gasirii EVS-ului ideal Mihaela Goga si Elena Adam au participat la trainingul “Ideal EVS” desfasurat in Turcia- Antalya. Pe langa privilegiul descoperirii taramurilor si culturii turcesti ele au avut ocazia sa cunoasca organizatii cu obiective asemanatoare din tari ca




,Polonia,Turcia. Impreuna au obtinut informatii noi si au schimbat impresii despre serviciul European de voluntariat. 

Trying to find the perfect EVS Mihaela Goga and Elena Adam have participated to “Ideal EVS” training in Turkey- Antalya. Besides having the privilege to discover turkish lands and culture they had the occasion to meet organizations with same goals from countries as








. Together they have found out new information and exchanged experience about the European Voluntary Service.


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