Training CIAO -5-15.10.07- Benevento Italy

 Si pentru ca toate povestile frumoase incep cu  “a fost o data ca in povesti”, relatarea de fata incepe la fel pentru ca va ramane in mintea noastra ca o poveste frumoasa.Tot acest inceput insa aduce dupa el si partea trista “ a fost” , pentru ca ne-am fi dorit sa nu se termine. De fiecare data cand imi amintesc de acest proiect , imi amintesc cu placere. 
                     Proiectul “Ciao” a avut in centru ideea de teatru social , din care organizatorii au desprins teatrul invizibil, au impartit participantii in grupe si i-au lasat sa creeze. Plecand de la oportunitati si injustitii prezentate in tabloul local, participantii au putut alege tema cat si calea pe care vor sa mearga . 
                Sa vorbim putin despre ce inseamna teatru invizibil:
In teatrul invizibil, spectatorul se transforma in protagonist al actiunii, fara sa fie constient de asta. Este protagonistul realitatii pe care o vede, intrucit ignora faptul ca originea sa este fictiva.
Un lucru trebuie sa fie foarte clar: teatrul invizibil este teatru; el trebuie sa aiba la baza un text scris, care, inevitabil, va fi modificat in functie de circumstante, pentru a se adapta interventiilor spectatorilor.
Se alege un subiect fierbinte, despre care se stie ca-i intereseaza cu adevarat si profund pe viitorii spectatori. Pornind de aici, se face o mica piesa. Actorii trebuie sa-si interpreteze personajul ca si cum ar juca intr-un teatru traditional, pentru spectatori traditionali. In fapt, cand spectacolul va fi gata, va fi jucat intr-un loc care nu este un teatru si pentru spectatori care nu sunt spectatori de teatru. 
                        In mod sigur proiectul a meritat iar INCA Italia este o organizatie minunata gata oricand sa primeasca cu bratele deschise orice tanar voluntar care vrea sa invete alaturi de ei. 
                      Asa ca nu imi ramane decat sa astept urmatorul proiect INCA Italia…….    

  Because all fairy-tales begin with „once upon a time”, this narration will also begin like this because the things it tells will remain in our memories as a beautiful story. But this begining has also a sad part, the sad thing that „it was”, because we would have wanted it to never end. Every time I remember about this project, I do it with pleasure. 

This project, „CIAO”, had as a main idea social theatre, from which the organisors also spotlighted the invisible theatre, they separated the participants into teams, letting them create.  Starting from the oportunities and injustices from the local scene,the participants could have chosen the theme and the way they wanted to take action. 

 Let’s talk a little about what invisible theatre is: 
 In invisible theatre, the spectator becomes the protagonist of the action, without really being aware of it. He’s the protagonist of his own reality seen by him, as he ignores the fact that his origin is fictive. 
 We should clear up one thing: invisible theatre is theatre, it has to start from a writen script, which inevitably, will be modified depending on the circumstances, to adapt the interventions of the spectators. 
 A hot subject will be chosen, one that will really interest the future spectators. Starting from it, a small play will be created. The actors have to play the character as if they were playing a traditional role, for traditional spectators. But, when the performance will be ready, it won’t be played in a real theatre and for viewers who aren’t theatre spectators. 
 Certainly it was worth participating at this project and INCA Italia is a great organisation ready to gladly receive any young volunteer who is willing to learn among them. 
 So all I have to do is to wait for the next INCA Italia project…
Laura Ion



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