proiectul de EVS al Ioanei Bohalteanu

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 Ioana Bohalteanu a plecat din 12.09.07 pana in luna iulie in Austria _ Salzburg. Activitatile pe care are ea de facut sunt legate de animatie cu copii.  Iata aici unul dintre primele ei mesaje:

Azi a fost a 2-a zi de lucru. Proiectul in care sunt eu cred ca e unul din cele mai frumoase(ca loc si oameni). Deocamdata sunt surprinsa, dar cred ca nu sunt prima care remarca asta, ca nu prea avem multe de facut. Adica lucrurile merg ca unse cu sau fara prezenta noastra acolo. Ma simt in plus. Dar mai ales simt ca nu prea au nevoie de ceva ce eu le-as putea oferi. Cand mergeam la copiii din spital sau la cei din sectorul 4, simteam asa o multumire ca vedeam ce lipsiti sunt si cum receptioneaza totul. Din punct de vedere cantitativ acum petrec mai mult timp cu copii, dar calitativ e jos de tot. Am vrut sa fac mai mult si se pare ca fac  mai putin. Poate e si din cauza limbii, ei vorbesc in dialect si abia daca inteleg ce spun. Oricum sunt copii care au de toate si sunt asa suficienti.
Altfel…incerc sa ma adaptez si sa ma bucur de compania celorlalti. Vremea e tare capricioasa, ploua mai tot timpul. E pretios soarele!
Grupul de tineri voluntari colegii Ioana in AKZENTE-
Young group of volunteers- Ioana’s friends from AKZENTE
 Ioana Bohalteanu has left for the period12.09.2007 – July in Austria- Salzburg .The activities that she has to do involve animation with children. here is  one of her first message:
Hey ………today was my second day of work. I think this project is one of the most beautiful and interesting(speaking about the people and the sights).For now I’m just a little surprised because we have so few things to do, I think I’m not the only one that sees that……..I  mean things are going well with or without our presence. I feel like I don’t belong here, like they don’t need anything that I could offer. When I was working with children back in


I felt a great satisfaction when they were responding at what I was giving. Here I am spending more time with children but the quality level is really low. I wanted to do more but seams like I’m doing less. One of the reasons might be their language because they are speaking in dialect and I barely understand. Anyway these children have all they want……..

Beside this I’m trying to adapt and to enjoy other’s people company. The weather is so moody; it’s raining all the time. The sun is precious around here ……..

piesa dintr-un muzeu din Salzburg si un cocor origami- foto realizata de Ioana
object from a Salzburg museum and an origami crane- photo made by Ioana

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